Praveen Andapally’s remarkable career in the IT industry is best known for 
his ability to increase revenues and provide insightful executive 
leadership. In 1997, Praveen Andapally joined a leading IT consulting 
group, SRG, as a programmer; by the end of his five-year stay with the 
company, Mr. Andapally was Vice President of Marketing and Recruiting. 
Managing in excess of 300 employees, Mr. Andapally secured a revenue 
increase of $18 million over five years. 

Beginning in 2003, Mr. Andapally assumed the leadership of a New 
Jersey-based internet technology services company. He has demonstrated 
his singular ability to augment revenues in his current role, bringing in 
an increase of $9 million in the last seven years. Moreover, Mr. Andapally 
has upheld his characteristic dedication to his clients. 

A graduate of Osmania University in Hyderabad, India, Praveen Andapally 
earned a Master’s degree in Applied Statistics in 1992. He is married 
and has one daughter and one son, and he considers spending time with 
his family a top priority, as he says it gives him strength and peace.

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